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ROAJELF was established in 2009 to ensure the effective emergency of young women leadership within the female category of the next generation, fight against all forms of discrimination against women, and advance the empowerment and social progress of women. ROAJELF is a framework for consultation and actions by young women leaders on issues related to youth and the Region such as peace and security, regional economic integration and migration, education for development and reproductive health. ROJELF as a sub-regional young women network with a purpose of ensuring the effective emergency of young women leadership within the female category of the next generation

Since the establishment of ROAJELF, the Network has had four General Assembly sessions. Recently, the 4th Ordinary General Assembly (AG) of ROAJELF was organized to review its performance, renew the mandates of elected officials and revitalize the structure of the organization. The theme of the Assembly was: “GENDER, Migration, Human Rights, SECURITY AND THE ROLE OF YOUNG GIRLS IN THE PROMOTION OF PEACE AND Development in WEST Africa. Elections held at the Assembly brought into office new team of leaders, including operational staff who will run the affairs of a Secretariat, which will be established in Senegal Dakar.

This Strategic Agenda and Program of Actions takes into account strategic decisions made at the Assembly, recommendations of task groups, and subsequent leadership meetings carried out after the Assembly. This SAPOA will be expanded into a three year strategic plan within six months’ time. The development of this document was driven by ROAJELF and facilitated by Dr. ONGOIBA Salomon who was complemented by Miatta Darwolor Thomas and Charles G. Tiah (Amb.), all of who have complementary expertise in organization development, strategy-making, strategic management, human resource management, program development, and technical writing in the languages of French (Dr. ONGOIBA Salomon) and English (Miatta Darwolor Thomas and Charles G. Tiah).  

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